Picture the scene.

The sleekest, most powerful sports car. Capable of obliterating any other vehicle on the road, it can transform into a bullet from a standing start quicker than your eyes can process the information.

Trouble is, there’s no oil in the engine.

This is a little like the problem we are suffering right now at Arsenal.

Our 1-0 loss over West Ham may have been only the second PL game we haven’t scored in, which kind of paints a picture of ample firepower.

It runs a little deeper than that.

In Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, we have genuine pedigree up top. Both work a little differently, and so offer different challenges to opposing defences. In short, they should be the worst nightmare for other teams.

Yet, we have seen some worrying signs creep in.

Despite Aubameyang in contention for the Golden Boot and Lacazette owning a decent ration with far less minutes than deserved, there have been multiple occasions where we have looked flat out of ideas.

In the match against West Ham, Aubameyang and Laca toiled but had precious little joy. The answer was because we couldn’t supply them.

The same in the Liverpool game. Ditto the game against Brighton.

The common denominator?

No Ozil.

We rely on the player who is one of the most unreliable in terms of fitness and form far too heavily.

We have Iwobi and Mkhitaryan, both players who are capable of magic at times but top form runs through them like sand in your hand. Aside from that, where does the burden of providing lie? Ramsey? He’s off soon and Emery seems reluctant to use him when he’s building for the future. Xhaka? He’s got enough on his plate.

We have no one else to load the bullets for two of Europe’s hottest strikers, and with our transfer funds lower than Piers Morgan’s set of ideals, that means we need him in the team. We have no other option.

Laca and Auba are operating under capacity. Just imagine if both were at City? Sane, both Silva’s, De Bruyne? They’d sure have more goals.

That sports car needs some oil if we want it to purr.