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Kos Back To His Best

Our upturn in form has coincided with a few factors.The return of Mesut Ozil. The choice of an attacking quartet has also seen us put in some impressive performances of late - when Ramsey, Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang are all in the team we invariably put our opposition to the sword.It does make our team a little unbalanced, but the best form of defence is offence, right?It isn’t the above alone that has tipped the scales of form in our favour though.The proper return of club captain Laurent Koscielny has also been a real boon for us.The Frenchman has been back for a good number of months since his serious injury, but being back doesn’t necessarily mean back to your best.Koscielny’s rehabilitation coincided with the bedding down of Unai Emery’s methods and tactics, so our French defender was put a few months behind the rest of the squad.Then there is the small matter of his road back to match sharpness. Koscielny has always had quick reactions and is ridiculously agile, no matter his age. This takes time to return, and the last couple of months has seen his form spike and make him nigh on undroppable.His partnership with Sokratis is also blooming strongly. Both are uncompromising and have a firm grasp on the tactical element of matches, meaning they can align and ensure our offside line is where it needs to be.Clean sheets against United, Southampton, Rennes and Chelsea are coupled with some real stout performances that have shown we have our skipper back to his best, or as near as he can be.You see, the years will eventually start to rob a game here and there. From 25-30 excellent games a season, Kos will suddenly drop to about 20. We will have to wrap him in cotton wool and select him for the big games. That will mean a lack of match rhythm, which brings its own problems.We may not have Kos at his best for long, so let’s give him the applause he so richly deserves. He’s been huge yet again for us, and he has been for a long time.