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Kolo is a Gooner

Kolo Toure is a legend. That is a fact. I have been trawling through social media the past hour after it was announced he is to take up a coaching role with Celtic. So many posts are funny, joyous and generous. Its fun to see how many fans and pros at many clubs he has touched and have taken him to their hearts!The Arsenal Invincible has so many stories about him, surely there's no need for another? But as I was surfing through tweets and posts just now I had a flashback to my favourite Kolo memory, and it may surprise you. I was at Anfield, in the away section a few years back with my son who was only 8 or so. We had arrived at the stadium very early, done the stadium tour (sat in the Kop and saw the dressing rooms etc.) then had joined the other Arsenal fans in the away section.Anfield is an old ground, of the Highbury vein, and what struck me compared to my seats in the Emirates is just how close the supporters are to the players. The subs in the dugout are literally one row in front of the supporters, with essentially a 3 foot wall in between, intimate! I think it was the second half, and the game had gone back and forth... it ended 2-2 I believe (sorry to ruin the suspense) and Giroud had just equalised in front of us so the mood was super. There was then an injury, a clash of heads if I recall correctly and players were down injured for what seemed forever (so long, that the scousers ended up scoring in the 7th or 8th minute of extra time!). While we were waiting for the injured players to get back on their feet we were restless and the Kolo is a Gooner chant started up. Now he was standing not far from the away support facing up the field with his hands on his hips and waiting for play to resume like everyone else. But it was clear as day he could hear the Arsenal fans and as the chant got louder and louder there was an incredible sense of anticipation growing.Louder and louder we chanted Kolo is a Gooner, KOLO IS A GOONER. And you almost felt sorry for the then Liverpool central defender. But just when it seemed he would never respond, we saw him put a hand to his head, look down and laugh. How we cheered. It was true and always remains so, Kolo is a Gooner!I share this little anecdote as it brings a smile to my face today, and I wish Kolo all the best in his new role and career in coaching! Keep smiling Kolo!!