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Is the WSL the most exciting competition in football?

In terms of competitiveness, the Womens Super League is far more enthralling than its male counterpart.The Premier League in the last two to three seasons has descended into a two horse race, with a duo racing so far ahead of the rest of the field that if this were an F1 race – some clubs would be lapped.Whereas the WSL has an extra competitor that is mixing things up – and the margins between this trio are minute.Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal do have a stranglehold on the domestic women’s game right now – the last time a winner of the FA Cup was outside of this triple threat was Birmingham in 2012. The WSL? Liverpool in 2014.But, this season’s race to the finish has been the epitome of nip and tuck, prior to the competition being curtailed prematurely.Man City lead the way on 40 points – just a point ahead of Chelsea but having played
a game more. Arsenal sit in third, also with a game in hand and three further points back.It would have meant that any dropped points would mean opportunity to wrestle initiative away – and possibly land a killer blow in the race for the title.Arsenal are the defending champions, but two losses to Chelsea – the only dropped points Arsenal have suffered thus far, along with a narrow loss to City – have seen Laura Harvey’s team in pole position. Man City’s glittering squad have motored along nicely too – and it seems that the clashes between the three will decide where the trophy will end up – when this season does eventually get decided.This season had more than a few twists and turns and to be able to say that it was completely unknown where the title will end up right until the end is testimony to the drama the WSL is bringing.Top stars, quality football, cheap tickets and great atmosphere – all with a liberal helping of potential success for Arsenal?The Women’s game is where the action is really at.