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Is Oxlade the new Ashley Cole?

 In the last few days, this news is getting louder: Chelsea offers to Arsenal £35m for the Ox. What the boss will do is the biggest question every Arsenal Supporter has. At the moment, Arsene is not in a good position since 2 important players are the target of competitors Alexis wants to join he City and Oxlade is disappointed with the club - rumors say that he didn’t get the new deal. Let’s focus more on the Oxlade’s situation, cause for Sanchez is clear that the boss wants to keep him until the next season when he’ll join the Manchester City as a free agent. Oxlade joined the Gunners in 2011 moving from Southampton for a £12 million fee. Since that day the Oxlade has scored 9 goals and attended 129 matches. He had some ups and downs but the overall experience is very good especially in the last 2 seasons when he showed a lot of improvements. Oxlade is only 23 years old and has a lot of skills which an help Arsenal to move to the next step. He is physically strong and really fast which is, in my opinion, a huge plus and it fits perfectly with our football style. Moreover, the Oxlade has shown us that he has a good dribbling skill and a quite interesting shoot - in the past, “he hasn’t been kissed by the lady luck”, we all remember all the bars hit by the Oxlade. So what should we do? In my opinion, the answer is simple. First of all, we badly want to win the league. Right? So why are we talking with the City’s rivals about one of our talents? I remember when Ashely Cole, one of the best left back wings of that time, moved to Chelsea and it wasn’t a so good feeling. Or when we sold the RVP to the United. In both cases, the players who left the Arsenal won the league quite soon. Should we repeat the same mistake again? Secondly, the boss said we have enough money in the bank and we can do more things compared to the past. In fact, he is keeping Sanchez until the end of the contract. So, why doesn’t he offer a new deal to Olxlade? He is a talented player and we can really benefit from the league race. Thirdly, connected to the second point as well, the Oxlade has a huge potential and it’s quite difficult to find a good replacement in 14 days. If we merge all those reasons, I strongly believe that a lot of supporters will say to keep the Oxlade. We dislike him ‘cause sometimes he gets lost on the pitch with all his dribbling skill, but at the end of the day, he’s always doing a great job and we know inside of us that he’s going to be an awesome player. So, my dear Boss, keep the Oxlade ‘cause we need him, and we love him. COYOX stay with US.