So. Tomorrow I take my 7y old daughter on a plane to London. We'll do a little sight seeing, grab a nice english breakfast, then head up to islington. I'll probably show her the pub I met her mum in for the first time, and the house we once lived in on Essex road... Then I'll head to my friend's house in Highbury, collect the tickets and walk to the Emirates stadium.

This girl has never seen the Emirates or any major stadium up close before. She's seen football on TV and kicked a ball in the garden... but this will be a totally new experience for her. I can only imagine how absolutely enormous the stadium will look from her perspective. How everyone seems to be rushing about, and nearly everyone wearing Arsenal shirts, tops and scarves.

We'll have to visit the merchandise shop, which itself is pretty vast. I already have a feeling the line for the jersey's will be painful... but hey, it will be her first jersey! The first major issue I see is what name to add on the back? She really has no idea who Giroud or Ramsey are, so I've been thinking I could get her to pick a number she likes best? Or we could put her name on it!? Or maybe she can look at the players and decide which one she fancies... I think I'd go BFG 4, I'm excited now just thinking about it!

So, next will come the stadium. All the supporters on the stairs, everyone rushing to get a quick pint in pre game, or figure out where they are seated. Walking up the steps to the top tier where the seats are, then out and see the pitch and wow, what a view! How green the pitch will look to the eyes of a total novice. How enormous the stadium will seem! We'll sit down, I'll probably check twitter for the lineup, but to her a switch to back 4, or will Kolasinac and Lacazette start or will there be Wenger out banners hoisted will not even be considerations.

Once the kickoff happens, the roar will be deafening. The fact this is a MUST win game, and that the players and manager is under enormous pressure after the poor start to the season will not enter her mind. To her I imagine it will be soaking in the noise, the atmosphere... giggling at the fat man in the row behind who loves to swear every time we get turned over. Who keeps shouting pass it to X or Y when it matters not one jot... Halftime, and the run down the steps to beat the rush, no doubt trying to find a ladies loo for her, then having a quick drink, maybe a hotdog for her?

After 90 minutes I'll be a nervous wreck, and I think she'll just be tired. Hopefully we get to cheer some goals, get to sing some songs... she sees the player she chose for her shirt and gets to talk and laugh with some of the other supporters.

Hopefully some day she'll thank me for indoctrinating her at such an early age... and she'll remember fondly her first ever Arsenal game when we won 3 nil... You only get to take a kid to their first Arsenal game once, so I know Im going to enjoy it no matter what!!