Tonight, I am turning to the dark side. I have been turned away from the Force and all things good. I blame my son, the young padawan is only 10 years old, and to him the pain of defeats past make no difference, but for me... enough is enough. Yes, it's a quarter final match with Arsenal playing at home... but tonight, I'm going to take my son to watch Star Wars episode VIII, and the EFL cup can happen without me.

Tatooine, Alderaan, Hoth, Bespin, and Yavin are names of Star Wars planets that fans are quite familiar with nowadays - similarly Carabao, Capital One, Carling , Coke Cola & Milk are names of a lesser spotted cup, which goes by the universal name of the League Cup. What Carabao is, I have no clue, and on point of principle I refuse to google it. Judging by the list of past sponsors my money is on some sort of drink!

Our very own last Jedi, Arsene Wenger, who once the Force was very strong with, but in recent episodes, he excels at excuses and Yoda like double talk [this week he announced that Ozil, the stormtrooper turned misunderstood maestro, wants to stay at Arsenal... deluded he is me thinks]. Jedi's are notoriously moody, and whereas Jedi Wenger has an incredible affinity to the FA cup, he has shunned the League cup every season I can remember and plays a team of misfits that normally would be more suited to the cantina scene on Tatooine.

Tonight the Galactic forces of West Ham will no doubt be looking for a repeat of their Emperor Moyes epic 0-0 draw of a week ago. Packing his defence with enough bodies to make the likes of Darth Mourinho a proud evil overlord of bus parking and counter attacking football. Meanwhile, Jedi Wenger will no doubt go with a combination of a Europa League and youth alliance. I almost would watch the match to see the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Reiss Nelson wave their light sabres about and mind trick their way through the hordes of Hammer Troopers. But...

...we all know the Carabao cup doesn't matter. It's like one of those films they release between episodes of the real Star Wars episodes, Rogue One or something else with old rebooted characters and plots. In a season where we already are chasing one cup that we rate as a second rate star system, namely the Europa League... is there any chance our youth alliance will use the Force and overcome a stadium of apathy and darkness?

I hope for the best and that the Rebel Arsenal forces triumph. But I'll be watching the highlights after the game, and during it I'll be watching the Last Jedi with my son. May the Force be with you whatever you choose!