Those of us who follow social media are given a window into a professional footballer’s lives that was not previously open a decade ago.

We get to peer into their day, their family, their home, seeing things that give a glimpse as to what demands are placed upon them, as well as the benefits of such a lifestyle.

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced us all into our homes and football is consigned to a memory for now, but the social media channels have not only continued to give us a connection – but have perhaps been even more active.

We have seen players show off their keep fit methods as daily club training is at a halt. Former Gunner Theo Walcott has constructed rudimentary obstacle courses constructed from household objects and has enjoyed circuit training with nothing more than a stuffed backpack and a flight of stairs.

Our very own Cedric Soares has been setting ‘world records’ in his personal swimming pool, David Luiz has shown off his yoga workout, Lacazette gaining motivation from his canine pal as he worked out and more than a few of our squad taking to their gardens to put a few in the onion bag.

The aim? Not to gain followers, but they realise they are figures that many look up to. In times of crisis, like we are now, they can lead by example and show that nothing can stop you if you are intent on keeping fit.

They are also bidding to stay as ready as possible for when football does return.

They will have some training before football kicks off properly, but if they can stay on the precipice of fitness, then there will be no hard yards to work off, and they can jump straight into the team. They want to make the team? They need to be ready.

As a byproduct, we get to see how they do it and hopefully take a tip or two.

We also get to stay connected to our players, in some small way during these unprecedented times.