Our recent win over Watford gave us more than three points.

With experienced Sokratis failing to recover from a dead leg, young Rob Holding took his place in the side, and his displays last and this week suggest that the new regime of Unai Emery is in full swing, and Arsenal are beginning to reap the rewards.

Rewind to last season, and Rob was in the doldrums. Failing to establish himself in the side, a decreasing amount of game compared to his breakthrough season - Holding was holding onto his Arsenal career with his fingertips.

This season, Holding has come in with next to no gametime, and looked completely assured. It was the way he handled the varied and dangerous threat of Deeney and Gray - and later Isaac Success - that really showed how far Holding has come in less than a month.

Deeney was kept quiet by the former Bolton defender for the majority of the game. He used physicality when necessary - a Deeney speciality - aerial strength and a reaction time that beat his man each and every time. He also held the line and seemed wise beyond his years.

This transformation back to the promising youngster we knew has happened in re-season and a smattering of competitive games.  Holding seems intent on holding (excuse the pun) onto his first team spot, and on his recent form it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Sokratis will return quickly, and when he does, Emery has a choice - even though it should be easy.

Does he swap out Mustafi for Sokratis - and disregard the partnership that was in the smelter prior to the Greek defender getting his dead leg?

Or does he drop Holding?

On form, Holding needs to play, and Mustafi will most likely be the one who would make way. The German hasn’t been as terrible as people say, but when it comes to comparisons, Holding has the far cleaner rap sheet.

Sokratis and Holding - more than sounding like a cheesy ‘70s cop duo, have the skillsets that compliment each other. Sokratis has the common sense and pragmatic defending style, while Holding has decent pace and rapidity of thought.

Only time will tell if Emery rewards Holding for his fantastic showings, but Mustafi will be very keen to find out too.