Having brought my 7y old daughter to this game, my review and highlights will be slightly different to most fans or reviewers! The absolute highlight, was sitting back down in our seats after the halftime hotdog and half pint dash (I had the drink, she the food!), just on the restart whistle, for her to proclaim - they have changed goals?! Now I have to admit, given this was her first ever game, that impressed me and made my day.

Being able to cheer 3 goals was a perfect indoctrination into being an Arsenal fan. But I suspect in 20 or 30 years what she will remember most is not the brace by Danny or the clean sheet, but rather the brand new jersey and lining up to get a number and name printed on the back of it. I strongly suspect the number 8 was chosen not because of the exploits of the welsh wizard currently donning that number, but rather that will be her age next year, thus it carries a certain element of feeling very old and grown up! The letters printed over the number were STARS... lets not dwell on the creative licence of a 7y old!

From my perspective, a few observations: The goals came early in both halfs so there was never much pressure on the team, but the selection was much more balanced thanks in part to the departure of the Ox. The back 3, was as expected, but I was surprised to see Mustafi in the central berth, with Kos pushed out right. Perhaps Bellerin needed a firm CB behind him? Bellerin and Kolanasic with the 3 CB's and Cech looked much better than recent combinations. It would be nice for the grouping to stay together even in European games now so the understanding and confidence builds.

The central pairing of Xhaka & Ramsey was the source of most mutterings around us. Basically they are both decent players who don't massively complement each other. I would start Ramsey with Coquelin, but second half substitution saw Wenger disagree with that as he left Xhaka on to pair the quickly injured Coquelin in what seemed a horror hamstring injury. Why the muttering around us? I think it's because Ramsey tends to opt for the safe pass, which is sideways or backward, thus acts a little like a black hole of creativity in our midfield. Xhaka tends to get the ball on breakaways, and many times his final pass was just that... I am not the biggest Ozil fan, but many times a stray or rushed Xhaka pass ended a break away to the german's obvious frustrations.

The big positive was Danny Welbeck. He is never going win the ballon d'Or, but he gives 100% and he put the Bournemouth goalie and defenders under pressure multiple times. He also seemed to act at times like a double strike partnership with Lacazette. The crowd appreciate him, and I hope today's brace will keep him scoring and I really appreciate how he attributed his well taken second to a lot of practice on the training ground. I would probably start Lacazette with Sanchez and Welbeck behind in most games. With Giroud, Ozil and Welbeck coming off the bench.

One last point is I didn't notice Coquelin go off injured after we had already used our 3 subs, but I did notice the gaping hole in midfield... ultimately that hole should have been filled by Sanchez or Ozil surely? That's where Xhaka to me needs to grow into the current role he has been given, and order players into position. Even at 3-0 up at home, we need to control midfield, and players like Ozil and Sanchez can't be allowed to hang around in the opposition half when we are reduced to 10 men... doesn't matter on a Saturday afternoon in September, but it will matter a hell of a lot come a wet midweek must win game away in the depths of winter, surely!?

Four games in, 2 wins and 2 defeats. After much transfer noise, and much team selection chaos, I hope the team now settles down and starts to chip its way back towards the top of the table. The coming Europa league game will be fascinating to see the likes of Reiss Nelson get game time, but I truly hope Wenger keeps to the current back 6 so they can grow in confidence and understanding. Like a 7y old at her first game, this team has much to learn, but there is hope!