What we crave most are original views and thoughtful opinion pieces! We may not always agree, but we hope that we can all appreciate when someone takes time to express an opinion or viewpoint in a clear and articulate manner.

Many sites are driven by clicks, and end up publishing pieces what can only be termed as clickbait. Sensational headlines, bogus rumours and spurious fluff pieces on transfer targets are not what The Arsenal Review is aiming to be about. We do not encourage clickbait.

What we cannot abide is plagiarism. To steal someone else's work is against everything we believe in. We are fine with people quoting other sources, ideally linking back to the original source material.

Our system to censor and monitor articles is based around users flagging any article as offensive or spam. We will take down material we deem unfit for our site and the contradicts the above principles. Anyone can always contact us directly at info@thearsenalreview.com if they feel aggrieved.