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Great Start for Guendouzi

Matteo Guendouzi has been awarded our Player of the Month for August.Depending on what side of the fence you sit, there are two conclusions.It’s either because his teammates didn’t exactly give him a run for his money, orHe really did blaze a trail in his first four games.From the moment Unai Emery included him in pre-season, we have all been impressed with the wavy-haired Frenchman.The kid we plucked from French obscurity has hit the ground running. His fledgling career at Arsenal in fact, could be the definition of that phrase.Is it his hunger for the ball at all times? showing himself available from the first minute to the last?Is it his ability to pick a pass from deep and switch play from defence to attack?Perhaps it is his ball carrying?Or is it all of this, allied with his tender age?It means we’ve got one hell of a player on our hands, as he will only get better.One thing to bear in mind though, is that with age comes inexperience. With inexperience come mistakes. When they come, we must continue to back Guendouzi until he comes out the other side.We saw Alex Iwobi burst upon the scene two years ago and make an impact on the first team. We were suitably impressed, but his second season flattered to deceive, and the slew of mistakes threatened to swallow him whole. This season we are seeing slightly better from the Nigerian, but it is clear we need to support rather than criticise. There hasn’t been a youthful player who hasn’t made mistakes.Guendouzi is embarrassing his more illustrious colleagues with his displays. He is doing exactly what a modern day box-to-box player needs to do, and all of this from a player who by rights should be struggling with the step up in level.Let us enjoy him while he is riding high, and let him know that as long as he continues to give his all, we will have his back.