F is for Formation:

Over the coming season I would hazard a guess our first choice back 3 will be, Mustafi, Koscielny & Monreal. With Cech behind and Bellerin and Kolasinac the wing backs. So with Koscielny ruled out due to suspension, and with Mertesacker fit enough to be on the bench, it would have seemed natural to play the defence as outlined above but with the German Giant in the middle? Instead, the BFG was left on the bench, Monreal was played in the middle of the 3 man defence? And Bellerin played on the left wing?? As I know all too well from my trip to Bayern earlier this year, Arsenal without Koscielny is a different team... but why compound that with playing multiple others out of their natural positions?

R is for Ruthlessness:

Twice in this match a Stoke player went down injured, both times the home fans started whistling and jeering as Arsenal didn't kick the ball out immediately. When we're 1 - 0 down and the ref is happy to play on, why are we letting the opposition crowd get to us? Both times we kicked the ball out. Stoke away is not the place to be winning the fair play award, Stoke away is the time and place to be ruthless and press any advantage. Particularly frustrating was the first incident when the fans got to Monreal and he kicked to touch, the 'injured' player was already back on his feet.

U is for UB40:

No, not the reggae and pop band from Birmingham, rather the form they got their name from (unemployment benefit form 40). After the match when Wenger was asked about transfers he said he was more interested in selling than buying. I'm sorry, but he has a squad of 33. It should take him 5 minutes to draw up a list of 25 or so, and say to Ivan Gazidis, these 8 names, show them their marching orders... send them out on loan or sell them. They train with the U23s henceforth. Thanks for everything chaps, but here's your UB40, now back to the chosen squad.

S is for Sanchez:

Replace Welbeck with Sanchez (and start Koscielny) and this team will be a helluva lot better (on paper at least). I've noted depressingly that very few pundits are calling Arsenal in the top 4 at end of the season, and after this game the bookies have pushed us out to finish 6th in the current EPL betting. If we sell Sanchez, then I think 5th or 6th battle between us and the two Merseyside teams looks a good bet. He needs to stay this season and to hell with the money.

T is for Titanium:

Arsenal are the anti-Titanium side, a soft underbelly of a team that can be cut through like butter. In the half time commentary of this game, Liverpool legend Stevie G said it best, "no one would be afraid of playing this Arsenal team". Aside from the defence issues, with a Xhaka Ramsey pairing in the middle, we all know Ramsey will go into their box at every opportunity leaving Ozil who won't track back with full commitment and putting tremendous pressure on Xhaka. The fact Xhaka has a tendency to give the ball away cheaply (two games running so far that has led to goals), not to mention his tendency for a yellow or red card, and it means our defence are overly exposed. Anti-titanium.

R is for Running Freely:

We came into this game knowing Man Utd, the team that finished below us in the league the last few seasons have suddenly become a horrifyingly dangerous looking team. Why are the suddenly running free like horses, and we seem to be running about like headless chickens? As much as I hate Mourinho, I have to respect how he has gone out over last 3 transfer windows and bought quality players and moved others out the door without much fuss. You reap what you sow.

A is for Attack:

We created, we were denied a penalty and a goal by marginal decisions. We saw Lacazette blast into the top of the net. We saw Giroud create and almost repeat his super sub performance. We have Alexis to come back. But as much as I like Welbeck's character and effort, he needs to become more ruthless at finishing. Theo Walcott on for Lacazette when he's never going to be able to run onto a long ball? Our Attack is not our primary concern, but there are issues that need to be resolved.

T is for Tackle:

Both the goal, and an even more worrying earlier mazy run by Jese into our box were both extremely disconcerting. Our midfield and defence need to commit to tackles and boss their 18 yard box.

I is for Idiotic:

About 30 seconds left of extra time, Chamberlain has the ball on the right, Mustafi comes back towards him but clearly says don't pass to me as he's offside. Pass goes to Mustafi, offside, game over. Its easy for me to call someone an idiot from my couch after they've given their all for over 90 minutes. But c'mon Ox...

O is for Offside:

Was he, wasn't he. Who cares... I did like the Giroud pass, and loved the blast into the net from Lacazette. I did not like to hear Wenger say it was clearly onside. Excuses are for losers. Some decisions will go our way, others won't.

N is for Next:

Liverpool away. Major question marks over both teams. We should have the better starting 11 with the additions of Koscielny and Sanchez. I like Klopp, I also appreciate Liverpool's history and traditions. I took my son to an away game at Anfield a few years back and had a great day out with the locals. That said, I do hope we stuff 'em! I can't take much more of this frustration!