Less than a week to go until Arsenal’s biggest game in quite some time, and focus has shifted to the different possible permutations that could affect the game.

Chelsea versus Arsenal brings the fireworks in a regular Premier League game, never mind the final of the Europa League. Arguably Arsenal have more to gain from winning the trophy – we have never won the competition, it would be our biggest trophy by some distance – and we would gain entry into the Champions League.

It would also put us back into the higher echelons of European football, but there are plenty of pitfalls that can befall us during the match, hazards that could quite easily swing the balance of the game in Chelsea’s favour.

What do we have to avoid to get the cup in our grasp?

Man-mark Jorginho

The Italian has a wonderful range of passing. If given the time, he can rip us open and provide the supply for the Blues strikers. They will need that too, as both Gonzalo Higuain and Olivier Giroud are more target men and feed from a good supply. So shut down Jorginho and we have a great chance of nullifying Chelsea.

No needless set-plays

Chelsea know how to whip in a ball. Pointless fouls in and around the box could prove fatal to our chances, with Willian, Hazard, Luiz and Jorginho all more than adept at fizzing in an effort from range.

Exploit Alonso

Marcos Alonso hasn’t enjoyed the best season, and the Spaniard has been struggling to keep up with the hectic pace for a whole campaign. With a bit of pace on our left, we could run Alonso into the ground, and open up a passage of play that brings into play our striking duo.

Feed Laca and Auba

Both players have been great this season, and they can make the difference. Both will have a chance and are so clinical that chances are they will be the decisive factors in the game. If we can create space for Auba to run into on the break – if we can get Laca on the ball and facing goal? Then Kepa could be picking the ball out of his net.

These may tip the scales in our favour. Let’s hope Wednesday night is one of our good nights! Up The Arsenal!