Cesc Fabregas recently gave a frank interview with Arseblog, discussing his time at Arsenal – and his reasons for leaving the club.

For most of us, it is still pretty raw. Fabregas was the key component of the new Arsenal after the Invincibles. Arsene Wenger admitted he built his side around the young Spaniard, and his talent was enough to keep a cash-strapped Arsenal buoyant. He was our best player, he was our talisman.

And he left when we needed him most.

Fabregas’ reasons for leaving were similar to that of Robin Van Persie. The lack of investment and the downturn of perceived talent at the club was enough for Cesc to look elsewhere instead of Arsenal for success.

The whole of Spain was clamouring for Fabregas to return to his homeland and while silverware arrived, Fabregas was played out of position – mostly as a false 9 – and the bliss he was looking for at home never quite materialised.

Then, a supposed chance to return to Arsenal materialised. This was never actually the case, especially with Mesut Ozil at the club. Still, Fabregas was available and open to a return to London, but the door to Arsenal was never open.

So, a move to Chelsea was on the cards – and the ties that bound Cesc to Arsenal were finally cut.

Fabregas still declares his love for Arsenal, and often waxes lyrical about his footballing father, Wenger. Cesc is still an Arsenal fan – but after joining Chelsea and departing in our time of need – can we forgive?

Listening back to him declare that there were only two players of his standard at the club sounds a little harsh, he admitted that mistakes he made on the field were overlooked because of the lower quality on the pitch.

Still, although a lot was hard to hear, it was also very evident of the love he still has for the club – and it reminds us all what a player we had – and lost.

It was a superb piece of journalism and very refreshing to hear a footballer be so candid.

Well worth a listen. Take your mind back to when Cesc was our hero.