Just hours after it happened, the mere mention of Tottenham reaching the European Cup final was raising tensions across social media.

Any football fans can attest to the importance of rivalries. It is intrinsically linked to your allegiance. As Gooners, Tottenham have, and always will be, the antithesis to Arsenal.

We have history and success on our side. No matter that their new stadium is bigger, or that they’ve finished above us for the last three seasons. We have far more titles, cups and actually won more at their own ground than they have. The shadow that envelopes Tottenham is a big one – but it could dissipate quickly.

Should spurs do the unthinkable and lift the Champions League, they would have something we have never had. They will be European champions – and the superiority will change hands.

Like it or not, the truth would be that Tottenham will have finally lifted themselves from the darkness and will look down on us – and it is this that sticks in our craw. It is this that means that the next two weeks will be very nervy – until the cup final is played, they have a chance of lifting the biggest cup in club football.

It also threatens to steal the thunder from our very own cup final.

Tottenham’s final will be played days after our own Europa League Final. Should we lift the trophy, it will be the biggest title we will have ever won. It has the potential to put us back on the map as far as re-establishing us within the higher echelon of European football.

We will enjoy every minute should we defeat Chelsea in Azerbaijan – although our fanbase attending the game will be shrunk at best thanks to UEFA’s buffoonery – but just imagine if Tottenham do the same days later in Madrid?

It would ruin the high, that’s for sure.

The question was asked on social media – would you sacrifice the Europa League in order to deny Tottenham?

While a cup win is what supporters live for, should Tottenham win, we would all need to emigrate. Work would be insufferable, spurs supporting friends would never let us forget it.

So yes, I would rather lose the Europa League if it meant Tottenham winning the Champions League.

What would you prefer?