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Emery Puts Players Through Paces in Pre-Season

Arsenal have been careful.Learning the lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson's departure after a long tenure were important, and seem to have been followed.No wholesale change.Retain some semblance of old staff - Steve Bould - so players have a link to what they know.Unai Emery has recalled every player back from loan for pre-season training, and the challenge is clear to all - prove that you’re worthy of a place in the squad.Emery may not have changed every facet of the backroom staff - but in terms of regime - this could not have been any more contrasting.And it’s a huge positive.Under Wenger, players knew they could operate at 80 percent in training and perhaps lower, and still reap about 20-25 starts a season. Exercises may have become stale, limits were not being pushed.Under Emery, players know they must give everything, and recent photos and footage from Arsenal’s media team have shown that every one of the squad is feeling the burn.The Spaniard joined with a reputation fro being a meticulous tactician, hours upon hours of video footage showing where weaknesses could be exploited. There was another facet to his management style though - the high press.Much like the ‘GegenPress’ that Jurgen Klopp employs, Emery likes his team to win the ball further up the pitch, and apply pressure when not in possession. To manage this throughout the season is difficult, mainly due to fitness levels needing to be that much higher than normal tactics.The photos of our players pushing themselves, spraying themselves with water and hunched over after another bout of cardio training, is an indicator that Emery wants his charges ready to put his plan into action.Our new boys, Leno, Lichtsteiner and Sokratis, will at least not be acclimated to training that is designed for technique alone. They will be coming from teams that employ a variety of exercises, and crucially, won’t have been resting on their laurels.Wenger still had plenty to offer, but in terms of training, he was known to favour technique training over fitness. Emery looks to be making sure that first thing is first, his players have the lung capacity to act out his draining but effective tactics.The images are exciting, they’re fresh, and they’re pumping enthusiasm and optimism back into the fanbase.The players may be in agony, but if it means success, they would definitely make the sacrifice.Roll on the new season!