12 games into his second season, Unai Emery doesn't look to be the change that Arsenal world anticipated after the exit of Professor Wenger, The Arsenal Father. 

Opinions aside, the stats are woeful, disastrous and hurting. From the number of shots faced, tackles made, average possession, shots on target inter alia. Without a shadow of doubt, something isn't adding up. Something, invisible, is running deep down our beloved club, tearing the arsenal spirit apart. 

Players look sad. Zero motivation, zero passion, zero fighting spirit the arsenal name is undergoing the toughest times in recent times and looks like with Unai at the helm, things are gonna remain the same, or as it seems, even worse. 

This fact is supported by the fact that Arsenal is traditionally or mayb I can say Wengerly known to play fantastic, romantic, enticing and exhilarating football. How the ball moved from the keeper, to the mid, to the wings and OMG what a goal! We miss wenger times. 

Arsenal supporters across the world are demoralized and surprisingly, most, wishes to see Arsenal losing more and more just to see Emery sacked. 

Is it time to sack Unai? 

Over to you Josh, Raul, Edu. 

With Love from Arsenal Faithful.