Two games played - zero points is only half the story in regards to Arsenal’s season so far.

Unai Emery and his enterprising backroom staff have been busy on the training ground trying to instill their new tactics on the players, who have been used to a routine of different methods.

The lack of points on the board was a result not of our faltering attack - despite our missed chances against Chelsea - but of our defence attempting to demonstrate a high line and the new pressing that Emery craves.

We have been unfortunate enough to draw the last two champions of the league in our first two games, and now we have a more modest opposition next up in West Ham United - but can we hold out hope of an improved showing at the back?

Sokratis and Shkodran Mustafi have looked all at sea at times, with Mustafi especially being highlighted as a weak link with his impetuous positioning.

So, can Emery refine our tactics a little, or better still, refine the players adapting to these new methods?

Mustafi has had another week on the training ground to better his grasp of our new defensive mantras. If the German puts in another display that produces a gaping hole at the back, West Ham have the players to make the most of any opening - and three games without a point would not be a favourable return.

The other option Emery has is to swap the personnel. Mustafi out - Holding or Mavropanos in. Alternatively, if we played with three at the back with wing-backs, could the defensively astute Lichtsteiner line up with Sokratis and Monreal to form a stout line?

There are options, but the detrimental effect that could have is to destroy any bond that is forming between Mustafi and Sokratis. Partnerships don’t form instantly, they form over a series of time and experiences - which requires gametime, and some teething of sorts.

Emery will be painfully aware of our failings at the back - and with the Spaniard’s focus on video analysis - the players will have looked at their errors repeatedly.

Three points in the weekend is a must, but a firmer backline needs to be the foundation they are earned from.