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Elneny Is A Dream

There is an element of sympathy for Mohamed Elneny.The Egyptian has never actually put a foot out of place in an Arsenal shirt. The midfielder has given his everything for every single minute on the pitch, he has done exactly what would be expected of a midfielder with a defensive bent.And yet, Elneny is very much a squad player. Perhaps he could even be described as squad filler.Let’s face it. Granit Xhaka, Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi are the three that are first and foremost going to duke it out for the two midfield spots. So even before a ball is kicked, there are three players ahead of him.One of those is a young upstart plucked from obscurity in the French league. Guendouzi has upset the status quo with his dynamic play and effervescent running, and Elneny would have been hoping for a better stature than he currently enjoys.And yet, Elneny has continued to plough a furrow in training, determined to show Emery that he is worthy of a shout. We should be all aware by now that if Elneny was to be given a start, that he would let no-one down. Despite his lack of game time, Elneny would put in a shift for the team and be as solid as we need him to be.Some say that this is his problem entirely. He is not good enough to wear the shirt - and I would heartily disagree. Elneny is the exact opposite.Elneny is an absolute dream of a player.The midfielder is one of the rare breeds that is happy to be at the club, despite the lack of starts. It isn’t down to money, he wouldn’t be happy just cashing in his cheque. Elneny wants to play, but he gives his all for the TEAM, and his patience is perfect for his role - which is the ideal squad man.He has filled in at centre back. He goes weeks without playing, yet Elneny continues to smile on the training pitch, and be a part of the squad. Emery will also know that if he needs Elneny , then he is ready and will do whatever job is asked of him.Like I said, he is an absolute dream for us. ‘Elneny may well get an offer soon from a club that can offer him the role he deserves. But while we have him, we should be thankful.