There is something odd about this Arsenal team, something just very odd. And I can only compare it to something I heard on the uproarious Tuesday Club podcast a while ago, that this team is very Dr. Jekyll & mr. Hyde like. And naturally, not being one to be happy with someone elses witty observation, I've only gone and twisted that classic literary reference into the above title with an overly awkward play on English spelling and my still bitter memories of this season's Liverpool capitulation (not to mention last season's Bayern Munich disasters).

Where am I going with this? The current team - and I think in the bosses mind that is currently the following: Cech in goal, with a back 3 of Koscielny / Mustafi / Monreal (when all fit), a middle of Xhaka and Ramsey / Wilshere, with Bellerin and AMN / Kolasinic on the wide positions, and finally a front 3 of Sanchez, Lacazette & Ozil. (Before I continue let me say how great it is to see AMN break into the team, and how interesting - as I write this - which of Ramsey or Wilshere will end up partnering Xhaka as the rest of this season's march to almost top 4 continues).

So, to continue after that digression... the current team is really 2 teams. There's the not really up for it, weak as wet cardboard defence, dreadful midfield stalwart of Xhaka and his over zealous yet languid style, sulking Chilean ball-losing-hands-on-hips, hot and cold Mesut team. And then there's the focused, never say die unit that at times perform above the sum of their parts. Having just watched the first Arsenal Chelsea match up this January, of 17 games we are set to play against them between now and the rest of this season, I clearly saw both sets of these teams on display in that pulsating yet God awful 2 - 2 draw.

In case you've forgotten, this was the game in which Morata the chelsea forward who couldn't score to save his life for vast periods of the 90, and we were fortunate to go in at halftime 0 - 0. Only for us to then deservedly take the lead while playing some of the best Jekyll-ish football of the season, with Wilshere, Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette combining beautifully and running with wild abandon at the Chelsea back line on numerous occasions. Yet mixed in with this was some calamitous moments like Bellerin getting called out for a foul throw, and Bellerin being adjudged to have fouled Hazard in our box and thus giving them an equalising penalty.

After that goal, we turned straight into mr. Hyde and even one of our better players of late, young Ainslie who I continue to refer to AMN for the sake of brevity and to avoid embarrassing spelling errors on social media, was rounded on the wing and suddenly we are 2-1 down at home, looking like 10 points behind chelsea after 22 games, and nowhere to hide - other than another dubious penalty and the usual fallback excuses. But at that moment a neutral would probably have to say we had afforded chelsea so many shots that trailing 2-1 wasn't overly unfair.

As luck would have it, redemption that night was at hand and our blushes were saved when our Spanish long haired defender-come-Musketeer-wannabe walloped the ball into the net as he turned back into Dr. Jekyll. Yet like any good story, this game had one final twist and we let chelsea go one on one with Cech and then hit the cross bar... And that, I'm sure you will agree sums this team up to a tee!

So what I hear you ask. Well the issue I have with living with someone who can be one of two very different characters is it becomes very, very tiring after a while. And not enjoyable at all. Two games that stand out (in my ever worsening memory I should point out) that really bring this point home, to me at least, are the 3 -3 draw with Liverpool I attended and this more recent 2 - 2 draw with Chelsea. Both games we could easily have lost, both games we went ahead but then turned into a different character. Both games were action packed, pulsating, topsy turvy - what football is all about right? Well yes, but what's odd is I left both games with little actual enjoyment. And I pinpoint this in-game, game to game schizophrenic natureof our current team.

It's hard to fall in love with two people at the same time, and I'm struggling to love these Arsenal teams right now!