Not an ideal week as Arsenal lost to Spurs in the North London Derby. We worked hard and played well but a couple of mistakes were the reason we couldn't win the game. Also on Wednesday vs Leicester we dominated the match until Eddie Nketiah was sent off and it finished 1-1 in the end. A forgettable week but the advantage is we are playing better and we will only improve from here.

Coming back to the best tweets of the past week, here are some of them:-

Starting off with Arteta and how he behaves like a fan.

Our fans were extremely happy with the way Mustafi has played so far under Arteta. Many wanted him to sign a new deal - although his display against spurs wasn't exactly confidence-enducing...

How well our defence has done under Arteta.

Eddie was sent off vs Leicester City but Vardy wasn't  - even after leaving his studs on Mustafi's face -  which had a few questions toward the integrity of the referees in the premier league.

This is an apt video highlighting VAR giving decisions against Arsenal.

This video where Wenger talks about referees is spot on.

And this.

Just before the North London Derby, Aubameyang was asked about if Spurs were bigger than Arsenal and his answer was one that any Gooner would give...

Last season's NLD was remembered.

Our fans wanted an Arsenal manager to defeat Mourinho.

We unfortunately lost out to Spurs, because of defensive errors. This tweet summed up our day.

A disappointing week but with the right players we will be a force next season. Keep the faith.