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Dembele and Oblak - Never Going to Happen

Amid the pre-season ramblings and noises from football-starved fans, the main source of the cacophony came from transfer rumblings from a wide variety of people.Media scribes purported to know much, but delivered little. Social media accounts known for their dribblings on supposed transfer targets worked themselves into a froth as they churned out endless spurious links with players from every reach of the globe.Silly season had begun.There were two names that really did highlight this japery however. The many different mentions of Jan Oblak and Ousmane Dembele should have rang an alarm bell in the majority of fan’s heads. If common sense prevailed, these rumours would have died a painful death, starved of the very attention that sustains them. Instead, they went from strength to strength and acquired mentions on a variety of different publications.Let us be clear here. Jan Oblak is rated at over 80 million Euros, and is one of the finest keepers on the planet right now. The Atletico Madrid stopper could have his choice of clubs across Europe, and earn a crust that is far beyond our capabilities.Then there is Ousmane Dembele. The young attacker grabbed from Dortmund and thrust into the bright spotlights of the Camp Nou. He is considered one of the brightest talents on the continent, and it was enough to prompt Barcelona to splash the cash.His transfer value would be astronomical, and he is only one year into a long term deal. There is no chance that he would move to Arsenal, and above all else, there is no chance that Barca would sell, no matter how much he struggled in his initial season in Spain.These rumours are designed purely to get clicks, and when common sense is applied into the equation, then clicks would be severely hit. That’s all it takes. So the next time you see us ‘linked’ with a superstar, think twice before you read more.