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Cristiano Ronaldo to Arsenal!!!

Ok, now that I got your attention with such a ludicrous title, we can start off! You are probably thinking I have some piece of information from a reliable source that links the best player in the world to our club!? Truth is, there isn't such or at least not that I know off. Apparently chances of Ronaldo signing for Arsenal are equal to the scenario where Arsene Wenger announces he is leaving the club just hours before our first Premier League match of the season, with an excuse that he only signed the new two year contract because he simply wanted to see the expressions on the faces of those paying for the ''Wenger out'' plane banners and all those who organized protests hoping he would step down after 20 years as a manager of our club. Crazy, right? Anyway, news broke out this week that Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid after being accused of tax fraud and he feels outraged and being treated unfairly. Various reports claimed that Ronaldo is very upset with Spanish authorities trying to ruin his career and because of that, he is ready to play his football elsewhere. And why wouldn't he? He might decide to join a non-league side based somewhere in the Amazonian forest and he'd still be attracting media attention.However, if such a scenario is about to happen, there are not many clubs that can afford his services, even though he'll be 33 next year. Question is, should Arsenal even consider making an offer to Cristiano Ronaldo?This is not the first time Ronaldo has been linked to Arsenal (not that he is linked now, I made that up, remember?). When he was playing for Sporting Lisbon back in the day, Arsenal were one of the teams chasing after his signature and even made an official bid to Sporting. At the end, Manchester United offered three times more money and stole him in front of our noses. *** An inappropriate word***He spent six years at Old Trafford, before deciding to leave for Real Madrid in 2009, and now, he is searching for an escape route.I am sure that a cheeky smile comes right on to your face after just imagining the best player in the world in an Arsenal shirt, ripping apart the likes of Ryan Shawcross or Robert Huth or some other twat who likes to bully, provoke and tackle the opponents from behind. Nevertheless, I am so sad to disappoint you as such a scenario just WON'T happen!It's not because of the fact that we are not capable of paying for his services, we all know that our majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has what it takes to finance such a move. In fact, he can offer him a bigger wage, buy him a yacht, take him out to a nice dinner before gifting him a Chihuahua as a present. Why in the world would he think that Ronaldo would be attracted to the idea of joining Arsenal by granting him a dog? I don't have a clue but that's what he can really do!Anyway, a 32 years old who had just won La Liga and Champions League, became European Champion last summer and has four Ballons d'Or to his name, would certainly want to join a club who participates in the Champions League. However, if you read his resume, you would notice that he has never made an appearance in Europa League, but I doubt he would want to show off his famous ''Siiiiiiiii'' celebration against the likes of Shakhtar Karagandy or FC Zorya, in front of half empty stadiums.Another major issue is not only that he played for six years at Manchester United, but he publicly declared his love for United on numerous occasions and therefore shut the door to joining any other Premier League side.I would be very surprised if Arsenal goes out and literally make an official bid to Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo, instead, we should turn our attention on signing someone who actually wants to join our club and not someone who we dream off.Cough… Lacazette…Cough However, in this crazy world, we live in, you could hardly write something absolutely off but if you ask me whether Arsenal should go for Ronaldo? That is not happening. Let's be honest. We'll probably end up with the likes of Fa Kin No Wan or hopefully Yann M'Villa passes his medicals at Colney, taking place since 2013 . Maaan, how fast time flies.There is nothing left to be said. Fingerscrossed and pray for a successful transfer window. Cheers