The news of Man City’s expulsion from the next two years of the Champions League is undoubtedly great news for Arsenal at present.

No top European competition for the Manchester club means that 5th spot is now hot property. It means that we have a very real chance of reclaiming our spot at the top table.

It also means that City – and perhaps Pep if he stays – will have new levels of motivation should the punishment stick.

Just think, they will have zero distractions for their Premier League campaign. There is no stronger push than when you feel you have been wronged and judging from City’s official club statement – they most definitely feel that this hand dealt by UEFA is unjust.

They showed last season the heights that they are capable of, so it could mean next season we have yet another runaway leader. Will it matter though, if we reclaim our spot in the Champions League?

Also, do we really want to be back in the competition when we are woefully equipped to deal with that level of competition?

We are still nowhere near ready to handle the football that the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus and Bayern Munich will throw at us. We are no longer the side that is a cert to escape from the group stage.

The bottom line, unfortunately, is the money. The near 100m we get from participation is a real miss, placing a big limitation on our spending. We dearly need to get back in so we can flex our muscles a little more.

Despite what everyone says, being in the Europa League is refreshing after years of heavy beatings in the Champions League. We actually have a real chance of winning the Europa League, whereas the CL?

Man City will be most likely dominating the Premier League over the next couple of seasons. A massive squad, not stretched thanks to European participation – but we could be getting a massive windfall should we take advantage of their omission.

Whether you think us making the CL is a good thing in the footballing sense? That is very much up for debate.