Hello everybody ... with a refreshing win last evening my mental musings and esoteric cogitations have been set in motion ... and there is no better option than to pour it out in an article.
We are currently 6th in the league and highly unlikely to make it to 4th spot. Our only ticket to Champions League next year is winning the Europa League. We appear to be focused in that direction and i am sure AW and the team will do everything within their reach to get the silverware.
Looking at the current Round of 16 in the Champions League, all 5 English teams are well and truly still in the game ... the 3 completed matches have all seen English teams come away with convincing victories or at least away goals, leaving them in a strong position to proceed further in the competition.
Now here is a hypothesis ... do not hate me for this ... this is a fault of my esoteric cogitations, not mine.

What if ..... the Spuds, accidentally end up winning the UCL (i know i know, my heart hurt too when the thought crossed my mind and i tried to blank it out) ... but let us just assume that they do win ... and we win the Europa ... this would probably be the first time that both European competitions have been won by English teams.

It also brings in the possibility (based on current Premier League table standing) that we would have potentially 6 teams in the Champions League next year ... ManC, ManU and Liverpool will auto qualify, Spuds and Arsenal will also be a part of the competition due to winning silverware and Chelsea in 4th will get a Qualification spot.

Now i do not know if this possible under the rules as i could not find any reference for such a possibility, but for those more familiar than me, is it possible to have 6 teams from a single league?

If the answer is yes, then it would be dope for the lovers of English football and as a country would have outdone Spain and Germany, which tend to hog most of the limelight when it comes to the Premier competition in Europe!!!

The future looks bright for English football!!