Petr Cech is one of the finest goalkeepers that has graced the Premier League.

His time with Chelsea saw him rise to the upper echelons of the game, a tall wall with hands bigger than cars. Strikers aplenty have been frustrated by the Czech keeper and his excellent shot-stopping.

His transfer to Arsenal has seen his standards slip a little, but declining from such a heady height means we still have a top keeper. The best? No, but more than good enough.

However, last season saw errors creep into his game, his front post unguarded and his reactions dulled somewhat.

This season has been the new challenge that Cech has needed.

The becapped keeper has been on fine form, and it is the challenge of keeping the coveted Number1 jersey that has seen him return to normal service.

The purchase of Bernd Leno though, no matter how well Cech plays, will be the future of Arsenal’s goalkeeping situation. The German has twinkle toes compared to Cech, and it will be this that separates the two, rather than what they can do with their gloves.

Unai Emery’s methods mean playing out from the back - as we have seen so perilously in recent games - and Cech has single-handedly gifted chances on more than one occasion.

This has resulted in Cech taking extra training to improve his footwork, with photos of the keeper passing football’s into baskets from distance.

It is clear he needs to vastly improve that side of his game if he is to make a fist of keeping the gloves, meanwhile Leno sits on the bench and waits for his chance.

Cech has seen off Ospina, but it appears that the hefty buy of Leno may be the last push before Cech leaves the club. no one can see him accepting an understudy role.

Our defence is also struggling to adapt to these new tactics, but all the defenders are pretty much in the same position. With Leno and Cech, the German has the distinct upper hand as he is already versed in what Emery needs - and that is someone who is comfortable - and quick - with the ball at his feet.

As the games tick by, and Cech continues to struggle, we could have our new keeper in goal quicker than we - and he - would have thought.