After two seasons of the established order being overturned, and chaos reigning, are able to restore order and finish above our neighbours spurs?

For more than two decades, our larger fanbase and success propelled us higher than that lot down the Seven Sisters Road. True, the last few years of the 22 we maintained our iron grip on North London was a bit shaky, but a regime that lengthy cannot be a flash in the pan.

Twenty two years equals more than dominance, but all good things come to an end, and spurs have enjoyed every second of our downfall.

The question is, can we claw our way back ahead of tottenham?

The last two seasons has seen the gap widen to something resembling a chasm. Wenger lost his grip on tactics and relied on the genius of his players, but this made us weak, and last season saw spurs finish a healthy 14 points above us.

We were never in the mix to wrestle the crown of North London back from Pochettino’s men - but now that Emery is in charge and the green shoots of recovery are in full view - are we on our way back to our more familiar position - above spurs?

Just over a fifth of the season has been played in the Premier League, and we are level on points with our neighbours, mere goal difference separating us.

This situation is far removed from the last two, where bad starts have seen us climbing a peak we never looked likely to topple.

This season looks different though - and one fact highlights this perfectly.

Spurs have enjoyed their best EVER start to a Premier League season. They have NEVER performed better than this.

And yet, here we are, in the middle of a massive transition and we sit above them in the table.

Our squad is in ruder health than the bare bones we have suffered from 2015-18. We have depth in every position, and our defence is even starting to resemble an organised unit. We have retained the fluidity in our attack that Wenger always promoted, but we have a certain amount of resilience now and above all else - we can adapt now.

No longer are we hanstrung by an inability to contort our shape and instructions to suit an opponent. We have played stout, battling football, but when we get an opportunity, we pour forward quickly, the team helping and busting a gut to give the man in possession another option - and the defence another worry to consider.

It is still very early days, but there is an undoubted improvement. And on the days we have a bad day? We have enough genius sprinkled in the side to drag us out of a bad patch.

This is why this season is so exciting. It is difficult to predict if we will finish above spurs, or if we’ll get a top four spot, a cup final place or a run in the Europa League.

The fact we can entertain these ideas though, is what makes this season so exciting. We can finish above our neighbours, and the uncertainty will only add to the potent mix of exhilaration and possibilities.

Let’s enjoy every minute.