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BREAKING: Arsenal part of secret football pact with 11 other clubs

Today a report made by German News Outlet, Spiegel, has stated that 11 European Clubs are planning on forming a European Super League to commence in 2021. Spiegel were first approached by the infamous Football Leaks, whom have leaked football documents such as contracts, to make sure that documents they have obtained were authentic and reliable. Spiegel have then went on further investigation to write a report.
Spiegel write well reaserched reports and have evidence that are real, if they are not real then they can be sued heavily. So I would presume all documents they have are reliable, and they claim to have it gone over several times by lawyers. Other works they have published is the Ronaldo Rape Allegations, which is well written, and recently how UEFA have taken bribes from Man City and PSG to cover for their FFP regulations.
Back to the Super League; the main aim of the super league is to have the top European Teams play each other weekly and the winner to be named champions of Europe. What the difference with the Champions League you say. Well, UEFA run the UCL, and the big dogs in Europe want more money. Obviously UEFA won’t give them more money. The big clubs feel that they attract attention and audiences, and that the high prices of TV rights is because of them. So sharing the money with smaller clubs isn’t fair, as people wont watch two small teams play. If they break away from the UCL, they won’t be under them, and can divide the money between them. Its reported that the winner of the Super League can get 500 million euros as prize money. To put that into context, Real Madrid won 70 million pounds as UCL champions in 2016.
In 2015 ( when UEFA and FIFA corruption cases were starting to make news waves) , a man named Charlie Stillitano contacted Real Madrids General Director and presented the idea
about breaking away from UEFA and starting the Super League. In 2016, Real Madrids General Director sent one of the drafts of the Super League to the President of Real Madrid. Astonishingly, Real Madrid wanted to have a cartel like organization, and contacted 6 clubs across Europe to start this League and go behind local Football Associations and UEFA to develop a legal way to leave the UCL and maybe even national leagues. The six clubs were, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester United and Arsenal.
As months went by more and more clubs were added. In total they are 11 names founders of the Super League. These clubs were chosen based on strongest TV presences across the top five leagues in Europe. Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and PSG were the new clubs added. These clubs cannot be relegated for the next 20 years. Additionally, there are 5 invited guests which include Roma, Atletico Madrid, Marseille, Dortmund, and Inter Milan. All the
Spiegel even have emails of Bayern Munich asking how to leave the Bundesliga legally, and how to prevent their German players from playing for the national team. All in all, Spiegel have written a lengthy article, and this is just a summary. They even mention the English clubs having their representatives photographed having a meeting over dinner, and I remember these pictures, but at the time they were dismissed as discussing the TV rights money.
Personally, I would still want Arsenal to be part of the PL, I would not want them to leave. Looking back at Arsene Wengers quotes at the end of last season, he said that a Super League is very much possible and could be played on the weekends, and the PL would be mid week. The best news on the article though; no mention of Tottenham.