When it comes to transfers, it should be a simple case of looking over our failings and learning from our mistakes.

Where did we go wrong? Where did an injury cost us dearly as we didn’t have appropriate cover in that spot? Were we too over-reliant on a certain player?

Then, once we know our weaknesses, we use the window to recruit effectively.

That may be why we are now being linked with Yacine Brahimi.

The Porto winger is a wideman after all, and one that could make all the difference from the flanks.

Which is exactly what we have been lacking.

Brahimi is also a free transfer too, which is a big plus.

Apparently, it is Algerian media that is stating that the Algerian international is a target for Arsenal, and the maths do add up, even if the source doesn’t. He fills a position we desperately need to strengthen, he costs absolutely nothing and he provides goals and assists.

He is also nearing his peak at 29 years old.

14 goals and 9 assists for Porto last season is a significant improvement on what we have currently, and he has bagged 36 in 139 since 2014 for the Portuguese giants.

He is known for his dribbling and his unpredictability, but surely if Porto are letting go of the player, then we have to question why?

His numbers seem good enough, so it can’t be a question of level. There have been no stories regarding disruptions in the camp or discipline problems – is this a bargain that really is genuine?

We can get a winger who gives us a wide threat and can carry the ball extremely well. All of that for free.

So why is Brahimi being let go rather than having his contract extended?

This may just be another rumour doing the rounds as the window continues its quiet time, or it could be genuine. Either way, Brahimi does fit the bill, especially when it comes to strengthening our squad on a tight budget.

We’ll keep our eyes on this, so you should keep your eyes peeled on The Arsenal Review for the latest!