8955 - Attendance: it has been covered already in some other venues but since I write a "behind the numbers" column, it would be weird if I didn't at least mention why the attendance was so low at yesterday's match. The reason is that the supporters want their owner out and refuse to put any money in to the club until he leaves. The Blackpool Supporter's Trust handed out this leaflet to away supporters at the game and in it they give some reasons why they boycott, which include the owner suing fans for defamation. If you want to read more about this incredible story, I highly recommend the Guardian's coverage. The first article I would read is Premier League failed to enforce ban on Owen Oyston at Blackpool and the more recently updated Blackpool divided before Arsenal’s FA Cup visit as fan boycott rumbles on.

68 - Pass completion rate by Carl Jenkinson, the lowest of any Arsenal player, even lower than Petr Cech who passed at a 71% clip. It's just a stat, I'm not having a go at Jenko, and I would suggest that most of the problem here was that he and Lich weren't familiar with each other (Lichtsteiner only completed 83%) and Jenkinson doesn't play often. But it's also the case that the left side of the Blackpool defense got 8 or the team's 11 interceptions, and blocked an additional 4 more passes down that side. Further signs of rust, Arsenal only attempted 7 total crosses and 6 of those were by Jenkinson - he completed 0 crosses. He also completed just 1 of 5 long balls but did make a through-ball pass. He didn't do much else, however, just 2/3 tackles, 1 clearance, 1 interception and 0 blocked crosses - Blackpool attempted 11/15 crosses on Jenkinson's side. Jenks had a very strange stat line for this game, 0 shots, 0 key passes, 0 fouls, 0 fouls drawn, 0 dribbles. Mostly, just passing and crossing and not really connecting on either of those things.

2 - Shots by Willock, goals by Willock. Joe Willock had a weird stat line as well. Just 24 passes in 90 minutes, 2 key passes (passes for a shot), 1 was a throughball, longball, key pass in the 84th minute. But he tried 7 dribbles (led Arsenal but 3 fewer than Delfouneso who tried 10) but only completed 2 dribbles, was 4/5 tackles (winning possession 3 times, once high up the pitch) and lost possession 7 times, more than any other Arsenal player but 3 fewer than Feeney (Blackpool forward).

81 - Passes by Ramsey (led all players). Aaron Ramsey led all players in passes, led all players in shots (4), but also had 0 key passes.

5 - Tackles by Ains - Maitland-Niles made 5 of 6 tackles (led all players, winning possession 3 times). He also had 2 interceptions, 2 dribbles (both in the 69th minute), and he also lost possession 5 times!

4 - Saves by Cech - along with 3 claims, 2 punches, and 3 aerial duels. Unusually busy day for the Arsenal keeper.But he kept a clean sheet and that's a collector's item this season. Arsenal have just 9 clean sheets this season in all competitions and they are split evenly 4 for Cech, 4 for Leno, 1 for Martinez.

Sorry this is short, there wasn't much in this match!


Sources: Whoscored.com, the Guardian