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Bergkamp Coming Home To Arsenal?

Some things are just better together.Egg and chips.A drunken night out and a curry.Dogs and everything.The same goes for Dennis Bergkamp and Arsenal.The Non-Flying Dutchman is more than revered at our club. He is widely recognised as the finest player to ever grace our red and white shirt. For more than ten years, The Iceman played out a magical symphony on the pitch and gave us all the best memories to treasure.With a
world-famous touch that was softer than a politician’s election promise and a footballing brain that would put the latest developments at IBM to shame, DB10 was the playmaker to end all playmakers.His final game and his testimonial were excellent examples of how we adored him and we all gathered to not only see the curtain raiser at our new ground, but to give thanks for the service he gave us.So when we all read in the last few days from various sources that he could return to the club as an Assistant Coach?Well, it’s safe to say the rumour was warmly received.Mikel Arteta needs a replacement for the outgoing Freddie Ljungberg – another legend of the club. The Swede is keen to explore opportunities as a manager and has vacated his position.With Dennis currently out of work after his stint at Ajax, the man who transformed Arsenal when he arrived in 1995 is tailor-made for the position.A reunion may well be on the cards then. Especially when you consider that the first steps of Dennis’s coaching career have been steeped in the Academy at Ajax, one of the best in the world.It’s enough to get any Gooner on the edge of our seat. Rumours are vague regarding if any contact has been made, but Bergkamp has spoken in interviews recently, talking of his love for the club and the plausibility of a return to Arsenal.We will be watching this story very closely.Could Bergkamp return to Arsenal?We hope so.Not just because we all love him, but we can only be stronger with his footballing acumen behind us.