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Bellerin and Holding - Will Injury Limit Impact?

How much do injuries have an impact on a player?Much depends on the age of the player at the time of the injury, and the severity of the injury itself.Just ask Michael Owen, Ronaldo and our very own Abou Diaby. They all suffered a tragic ailment before their peak was in sight. When recovered, they took to the pitch in an aim to return to former heights, but that golden yard of pace that made them so magical was bereft. They adapted and they lost no impact, but they were never quite so untouchable. In Diaby’s case, he never got so far as touching his potential.So what to expect from Hector Bellerin and Rob Holding?Both were subject to anterior cruciate ruptures. Their knee’s were put out of action and every action that this crucial joint is meant to perform had to be taught again. We have seen a step-by-step (excuse the pun) recovery from both players through their social media accounts, from Bellerin’s posts on his hospital bed, to the multiple weight sessions that Rob Holding has endured in order to return to where he was.Where they both were. Which was integral parts of Arsenal’s defence – and perhaps leading lights for their country in the future, such is their sky-high potential.Both have talent levels that run parallel with making an impact at the top level of football for quite some time, but will they return a lesser player than they were on track to be? Will this severe injury lower the roof that they otherwise would have hit?Both Bellerin and Holding being injured last season had a definite impact on our season, and any team would be impacted by the loss of the Spaniard at the very least. We will be stronger when they both return, and with the level of staff available to both in the physio room, they have every chance of remaining unscathed for the future. Our defence needs those two fighting fit. With the power of youth on their side and their recovery going to plan, we should have Bellerin and Holding performing their duty to the highest level next season, and we will benefit as a result.