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BBC Poll Omits Bergkamp in List of Greatest Foreign Players

A recent BBC poll asked one of the most difficult questions for any football fan.It was a question that many of us have faced and have also chucked at our friends. One that is open to subjection, but ultimately, can be answered with common sense and facts.Who are the greatest foreign players ever to have played in the Premier League?With the majority of players that play in the competition now hailing from foreign shores, it sounds trickier than it actually is. How do you judge success? On a number of scales.Trophies won. Goals scored. Length of time spent in the league. Impact left on the competition.For all of these parameters, Dennis Bergkamp can claim to have ticked the box in an emphatic way.So how did the Dutchman fail to make the cut in BBC Sport’s poll?The panel who decided were made up of Ruud Gullit, Alan Shearer, Chris Sutton and New York times writer Rory Smith.The overall winner was Thierry Henry, but the fact Dennis Bergkamp received an honorary mention rather than a place in the greatest XI is surely an oversight.The man who scored the greatest goal ever seen in the league. The striker who achieved two doubles in his career. The player who is attributed by Thierry Henry as the greatest player he ever played with.Sometimes, the media get it wrong, and this is one of those occasions. this isn’t merely an oversight, it is a travesty and this article should not exist. How can this be written - a piece on how Dennis Bergkamp was overlooked by ‘experts’ and not included when talk of the greatest foreign player starts?Never mind greatest foreign player, there is a case that the velvet-footed, laser-eyed Dutchman is the greatest ever player, nationality aside, to ever grace the Premiership.Dennis Bergkamp has a statue outside The Emirates for good reason. The Iceman is forever encased in bronze, and his class is such that, club allegiances aside, most would acknowledge his stature as one of the greats of the modern era.BBC Sport, this is an epic fail of massive proportions.