Arsenal seemingly haven’t finished in the transfer market, if recent reports are true.

The latest news is that the Gunners have approached Barcelona for Portuguese starlet Andre Gomes.

The 24 year old is reportedly available for purchase, and despite Arsenal having appropriate players in this position, apparently we have enquired about the possibility of taking the player on loan, with a view to buying.

This very much feels like Arsenal hedging their bets with Aaron Ramsey still not having signed a contract extension, and Andre Gomes would fit the bill in terms of replacement - at least in a positional sense.

The apparent fee to acquire the services of Gomes is around the 20m Euro mark, this being due to Gomes not quite hitting the heights at the Camp Nou, scoring only three goals in his two years at the club.

He has a higher stock in his native Portugal though, and before his time in Catalunya he was regarded as one of their brightest lights. Could this move materialise?

It all hinges on Ramsey, it seems. The Welshman is keeping the club - and fans waiting on where his future may lie. With the path very much open to the exit door just as much as staying, sounding out a replacement for his services isn’t the worst idea.

Gomes was previously at Valencia, and his passing and eye for goal were the jewels in Gomes’ game, as well as a velvet touch that lends itself to an Arsenal style. Seeing as he was bought for around 35m by Barca, not including add-ons, it is easy to see why his drop in value would attract suitors.

The jury is very much out on Gomes, but there is a player there somewhere, one that compelled Barca to shell out. If Rambo doesn’t commit, then Gomes, with the appropriate coaching, could be the answer to a very large gap left by a departing Welshman.