Fandom has changed with the arrival of social media.

Everyone has a voice now, and for better or worse, we all share a platform with the whole rainbow of opinions.

And supporting our club used to be very different. The majority of our fanbase haven’t changed, and we support Arsenal, through the peaks and troughs.

There is a growing representation though, that seemingly enjoy pointing out to everyone the failings. Now we are at a stage where the slightest downturn in fortune, be it a mistake on the pitch or a solitary loss, results in an avalanche of negativity.

The focus of this many times this season has been Alex Iwobi.

Iwobi, a youth product and therefore intrinsically linked with the club, has received vitriol from all corners of social media for his perceived poor performances.

Poor performances that has seen him create the second most amount of chances out of anyone in our squad.

Granted, Iwobi has made the wrong decisions at times - but isn’t this a criticism that can be levelled at all of our attack? Plus, it has been noticed more with Iwobi because he finds himself in the dangerous positions more than most. That is a skill in itself.

Where have the days gone where we cherish those that are bled through from the youth system? Aren’t they one of us?

Iwobi has come on leaps and bounds, and there is a reason why first Wenger and now Emery continually picked him in their teams. Can’t we concede they know better than we do?

Iwobi is responsible for losing the ball a bit more because he is a confrontational player that requires a little more risk  

Even if he didn’t lose the ball and was some wonder on the pitch, when did we forget to gift patience to players? Why does Lacazette losing the ball matter less than Iwobi?

With a little faith and support - exactly what we are supposed to be giving our players - Iwobi could push on further and realise that massive potential.

I for one will back him to the hilt like ever.