We have a world-class striker who isn’t scoring goals.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has consistently rippled the net in the entirety of his stay at Arsenal. He also did the same at Borussia Dortmund and before that in Ligue Un. There was a reason why we were overjoyed when he decided to sign his contract extension with us.

He is a reliable, 20+ goals a season striker. These are a real rarity and are prized as we all know, goals win games. With Auba or someone of his ilk in your side, you always have a chance. He is a player you can build a side around.

Yet this season, he has just two goals to his name.

What has caused the goals to dry up? Well, in short, the answer can be found in the first half of our loss to Wolves.

Aubameyang made just eight touches in the entire 45mins – and three of those were kickoffs.

That means that he is no longer dropping deeper to pick up possession, and he is no longer being fed the ball.

Passing to Auba would mean that we are being intrepid in the final third, we are making something happen. The lack of balls into the Gabon striker shows we are not getting far enough with our passing moves. We are breaking down before we even get that far. As soon as we see resistance, we pass back or sideways.

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There are no risks involved when we have been going forward this season. Playing it safe is cutting out our main threat and we need someone who is able to spot the runs of Auba and our midfielders like Willock and Saka.

Aubameyang is also running less. This is probably stemming from low confidence and man marking but our number 14 needs to communicate with his midfield to let them know what he needs to thrive.

Another little factor? His partner in crime is bereft of any form whatsoever. The sporadic form of Lacazette will affect Auba.

It all smacks of some basic changes, but fundamental ones.

Auba will be back in the goals – but it needs to happen soon, especially with the NLD coming up this weekend.