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Arsenal's striker issues - A closer look

I'm still so upset we lost that game, and I have so many thoughts but let's focus on the striker situation first.
Aubameyang - I will not talk about him too much. When I was on Arsenal Twitter last night the amount of Auba Tweets is proof that everyone seems to have left the Auba boat. If anyone is still defending Auba, I'm sorry but you're way past it. I wish that him not scoring goals was the primary issue but that is not it. The issue is if he doesn't score goals there is literally nothing else that he offers to help the team. His captaincy is also something that needs to be discussed.Lacazette - I think he is a valuable option for the squad. He does some dirty work, gets fouls, and can drop deep. Sometimes I think Arsenal fans overrate his build-up play, him dropping deeper to combine passes. He is fine, but not great. He is a little bit slow on the turn and technically sometimes rough. The issue with Lacazette however is that he doesn't score enough goals. He would offer something to the team but the scoring burden would fall heavily on Saka, ESR etc. They are great youngsters but no Mane/Salah that can carry us every game yet. Just starting Lacazette over Auba doesn't solve our Striker issue.Nketiah - No.Balogun - Maybe deserves some minutes but let's not expect him to become our main Striker yet.Martinelli - Probably the most popular option. He was really hard-working last night, he seems to have a great engine for the whole 90 minutes as well. I'd give a him start as well for the Everton game. The only issue I see with him and it's not to criticize him directly is that he also isn't a number 9. He previously said he likes to play more in the wide areas as well. His best moments of yesterday: He combined well with Odegaard on the right wing to cut in and have a shot, made a bursting run on the right and Partey found him for the Odegaard goal, dribbled through Sancho and Dalot on the left-wing, and crossed the ball. He also had this run through the heart of Man United's Midfield from our own half (what great ball-carrying btw). But here again, he carried the ball until the final third and passed it to Aubameyang in the right moment for him to cut in and do that curling shot he used to do so well. Here again, he wasn't playing the so-called Striker role.The point I'm making is that Martinelli likes to have some freedom where he can roam and make intelligent bursting runs. For him to do that there needs to be a focal point in the offense where he can make those runs of. We are no ManCity that can operate without a 9. Timo Werner had 28 goals for Leipzig in his last season in the Bundesliga but for people who watched Leipzig know that he was NEVER the number 9. It was Poulsen (tall hold-up ST) that operated in that area most of the time. It enabled Werner to play to his strengths. If Martinelli plays as the sole number 9, I fear he will often be isolated in the final third and when he roams to the wide areas, there will be a gaping hole in the number 9 zone (Zone 17). Again we need a focal point.Conclusion: Easy solution is we buy a Striker and we desperately need one! I think for the odd game Martinelli will do fine as the number 9. If Everton plays as bad as they have we should do fine. I'm more thinking over the course of the whole season. We cannot start Martinelli as the lone striker every game. Aubameyang is clearly past it. Sure he will have games where he finally converts some of his chances but trust me, we will have this issue again. Starting Lacazette and Martinelli together is also something I'm not sure yet.
Advert InsertedLacazette cannot drop deep too much like when playing with Auba as then Martinelli would have to again play the Striker role which restricts him. If Lacazette can move up the pitch and be a focal point a bit like Giroud used to do it when playing with Alexis, I think Lacazette and Martinelli might work. Remember "work" doesn't mean for two games and then it all falls apart again.
Side Notes: Partey and Odegaard have to step up if we want Lacazette to function as a striker again. The midfield needs to get the ball to the final third without having to always go long. I know people are very disappointed with Odegaard's tackle, but he had good moments in the game and the finish was also very good. ESR was so tired yesterday so we need Odegaard to start ticking and he won't do that if Arteta benches him again. I'm one of Partey's biggest supporters. I genuinely believe there is an elite player in him. Let's hope he can find his momentum.Twitter: @perixx99Let me know what you think!COYG!