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Arsenal Women Deserve Our Fandom Too

A lot was made of our trophy drought, circa 2005-2014.Nine years without silverware was the focus of many articles and soundbites in the media, and it was used as a stick to beat us with.We suffered during those years, but as a club, we overlooked a facet that was highly successful.Our Arsenal Women’s team are often treated as a different aspect, and yet they represent the same cannon, they wear the same crest on their jerseys.During that awful timespan when our mens team were toiling on the pitch but bringing back precious little glory, our women’s team earned seven league titles, six FA Cups and three League Cups. Not to mention a European Cup in 2006-07 - crowning them the best female team in Europe.Of course, the female version of the game received next to no publicity or coverage for a large part of this time, but the point is - these trophies were still Arsenal’s, they were still ours.Now the Womens Super League is going from strength to strength, with TV coverage and crowds on the up and more importantly, Arsenal once again on the rise.We will sit atop the League should we win our game in hand. We’ve suffered just one defeat, and records being broken left, right and centre. This is thanks to some excellent recruitment and the new management of Aussie Joe Montemurro.Players of the highest ilk comprise our team. Jordan Nobbs, Danielle Van De Donk, Lia Wialti, Vivienne Miedema, Dominique Bloodworth, Beth Mead, Captain Kim Little, Leah Williamson - we have a team capable of lifting the European Cup again.First priority though, is winning the league, which we haven’t done since 2012. That needs rectifying, and despite the untold riches that City and Chelsea have pumped into their teams, we have a fantastic chance to do just that this season.We have just six games left once our game in hand is played. The crucial match is when we play City on the 12th May. By that time it could go a long way to deciding the fate of the title.That would also guarantee us entry back into the Champions League, something beyond our male team right now.So, next time we bemoan the fortunes of Arsenal, just remember there is some excellent football being played at Meadow Park, and with trophies too.