A great week for Arsenal as Arsenal went on to win the Community Shield. A sign of things to come under Arteta. One of the best things was to see Arsenal play from the back and not boot the ball away when the players are under pressure. Niles and Emi were both very good. Both want to start for us, the situation is very tricky for Arteta. Maybe we see a positive outcome for both of them.

Moving to the best tweets this past week. The start of the week Messi news came out, saying he wants to leave Barcelona. Our fans were quick to link him with Arsenal.

Pierre Aubameyang's season highlight in a clip.

In a recent Interview, Martinelli said that his dream is to win the league and the Champions League with Arsenal. You can find the entire interview below.

A clip of an Arsenal fan begging, Samuel Zizah, Partey's spokesperson to make him join Arsenal.

Saturday was matchday and Arsenal won against Liverpool. The highlight of the match was the lovely goal we scored.

And this Nutmeg but Bellerin.

Niles was very calm while taking the penalty

Niles won the man of the match after this wonderful performance. This was his individual highlights.

Arteta has been massive. What he has achieved with the club with the resources he has is incredible.

And finally as soon as we won the shield a tweet emerged mocking Spurs.

Thanks a lot for your time in reading this. Hope you have a great week. Take care stay safe. Leaving you guys with how Arsenal fans keep themselves busy during the transfer window.