Arsenal landed left back Sead Kolasinac in the beginning of June on a free transfer. Some of the fans hoped that signing would be just one of the many in June, but now it seems we see the same old story from Arsenal.

The biggest question at the moment is - will Arsenal, finally, spend big and strengthen
their team, or they will again rely on their talent and players they can snap up for free?

Arsenal's Transfer Policy Has to Change

Arsenal fans are expecting a wind of change on Emirates for more than a decade. For the first time in Premier League history, the Gunners failed to qualify for Champions League, and we expected an immediate answer from the board. However, we didn't get anybody apart from Kolasinac so far, and the future of the biggest stars, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are still blurry.

On the other hand, the English media are suggesting that Arsenal is interested in several world-class players, especially young star Kylian Mbappe. However, apart from standardized speculations from tabloids that have to sell their articles to consumers, we didn't see anything official from the club.

I am one of the fans who don't believe that Wenger will ever change. He sees that the market is not rich as it was 10 or 15 years ago and that everybody is overpaying quality players. He stated that he won't take part in the rat-race and that Arsenal has enough talents to develop who will fuel the fight for the silverware.
Perhaps that was a reasonable approach at the beginning of the 21st century, and during the period we had to pay for our new stadium, but now, after failing to finish in the top four for the first time in Premier League history, it is clear that approach doesn't work anymore. If it worked at all, I don't have to remind you how much time has passed since we won the league title.

Arsene Wenger Has to Change

However, let's imagine for a moment that Wenger will change. That he will be willing to pay 120 million pounds for Mbappe if that's necessary. Let's imagine that he would be ready to sell some of the players who are in the club for nearly a decade, but they failed to meet our expectations.

Even if he would be ready and willing to act as the bosses of other top English clubs, it is hard to expect that Arsenal would be able to buy a world-class player. In the last couple of years, Arsenal spent the least amount of money on player transfer and wages out of all top English clubs. And potential targets know that - even if they believe that Arsenal will fight for the title in the upcoming season, and even if Arsenal send a reasonable offer to their club (these two conditions sound like a science fiction already, right?), they can find at least a dozen of teams which will pay them much bigger wages than Arsenal. Wenger's stubbornness over that issue will probably cost us Alexis Sanchez, one of the best players in the league.

If we have all these things in mind, what can we expect from Arsenal in the summer?
I hope I'm mistaken, but I feel we won't see anything new. Arsenal will allegedly pursue Mbappe, but they won't offer Monaco enough money. After all, clubs fail short on him, although they will try to land him for at least a month, Real Madrid will come and finish the job within a few days.

Only players that are free, such as Sead Kolasinac, some youngsters under the radar, probably from Ligue 1, or some players that are not the highest class, such as Alexandre Lacazette, might transfer to Arsenal this summer. If Wenger lands Kylian Mbappe that would be the biggest surprise on the transfer market in the past several years.

Apart from Mbappe and Lacazette, there aren't many players who are reportedly on Arsenal's radar. Lacazette is a universal target for many top clubs - the media is transferring him from Lyon every single summer, and yet, he is staying in France every time. This year, however, the things might be different. He isn't that young anymore, Lyon isn't one of the best clubs in France anymore, and it seems that his departure is realistic. The price some club will have to pay for him shouldn't exceed 40 million pounds, which can be seen even as a bargain deal, in the era where every world class player must cost over 50 million pounds.

Arsenal Has to Keep Their Best Players

Apart from those few players who Arsenal is allegedly targeting, there is much more fuss with possible departures at the moment.
Of course, Alexis Sanchez is the prime target of numerous clubs at the moment, especially Bayern Munich, Manchester City and even Chelsea. If Chilean wants to leave the club, he will most likely condemn Arsenal to several seasons without the top four finish.

Apart from Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Olivier Giroud, Callum Chambers and Jack Wilshere are the players who might depart from the club as well.
Callum Chambers and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are the players who were victimized by Wenger - they played at many positions, and it seems that slowed down their progress significantly. Additionally, Oxlade-Chamberlain feels that he deserves a more important role in the team and if he becomes the first player who handed the transfer request to Wenger, nobody would be surprised.

All in all, I don't expect miracles to happen this summer. I think we can consider ourselves lucky if we don't sell any valuable player, while Kylian Mbappe will most likely remain only a wet dream.

However, I can see Alexander Lacazette joining the club, but I doubt he will raise the quality of the team significantly. He might even become a new Lucas Perez, who will also leave the club, without getting a significant chance to show-off his talents.
Another year without Champions League would be a disaster. Let's hope that Arsene Wenger will figure that out, too.