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Arsenal, Spurs and Glass Houses

That was a close call.Tottenham’s loss in the Champions League final to Liverpool avoided the status quo being changed irrevocably, and Gooners everywhere breathed a huge sigh of relief.Some though, took the opportunity to embrace tradition and poke fun at our neighbours defeat, reminding them of their failure to not only pick up the trophy, but also their trophy drought and their ability to dodge trophies.Is this the wisest course of action though?True, Spurs’ final loss was yet another near miss, for a side proclaimed by the media to be one of the best. They have failed to pick up a trophy during a time when they have had one of the better sides in the league. Semi-Final losses in the FA Cup final, failing to construct a meaningful title campaign and now their loss in the Champions League final.But the fact that the loss was in the biggest competition in football, does that mean we must remember where we are before we ridicule?Our comprehensive loss in the Europa League final was a stark reminder of our stature right now. A third consecutive season out of the Champions League, one of our biggest matches in years being the second-tier final of European competition – and we lost it.So to use Spurs loss in the Champions League final to bash them with? Do we have the sturdiest position to be able to do that?Not really. It is in our football DNA to lambast our neighbours for their failings, it comes part and parcel with rivalries. But imagine if spurs fans posted the same memes that we are currently seeing when we lost in Paris in 2006? Would they have a leg to stand on? No.The images of Mauricio Pochettino in tears? That’s fair game. And quite hilarious. To joke about the fact that they have lost another final though? No.We can only dream of a Champions League final right now. They still have some way to go in order to catch us and have the same reputation and history as us. They do though, enjoy the upper hand on us right now.Let’s concentrate on our own club right now, as we have a lot of work to do in order to get back to where we were.