Arsenal have reportedly agreed a five year contract with Adidas to manufacture their kit from next season.

The sum being bandied around for such a length of contract is around the $385m mark, which rounds out to about $77m per season, the third highest in European football, behind Barcelona and Manchester United.

This is a significant jump in income compared to our current deal with Puma, which expires at the end of this season.

Puma started off well, massive kit launches and half decent looking kits, but the last three seasons have seen degrading quality in terms of design, and shirt colours for our away and third kits that have split the fanbase.

What hasn’t divided Gooners though, is the quality of Puma’s merchandise, which numerous posts on social media will show you, is not up to scratch. Machine washes destroy the emblems and sponsors of the kits, which lack the permanence of Adidas and Nike kits, and have flaked off.

This season seemed to be the final straw with fans. A mint green 3rd kit is liked by the minority, and the design and lines of our home kit makes it appear to have been orchestrated by a 5year old with Microsoft Paint.

Not only this, but our training kit designs have been the carbon copy of other Puma-manufactured kits, such as Newcastle - only the colours have been swapped out.

It leaves an acrid taste in the mouth, especially when Arsenal has always been about class. This new manufacturing deal should act as a mouthwash of sorts though, and Adidas and Arsenal have some fond memories together.

The Miracle of 89, the Almost Invincibles of 91, the Cup double of 93, and the Cup-Winners Cup in 94 were all achieved in an Adidas shirt,  and fans will be hoping this mega deal is the sign of things to come.

What to really take away from this deal though? Despite our lowly 6th placed finish, in the face of our two year absence from the Champions League and even with the rise of our competition in the League, we have earned a kit deal that dwarfs all but two other clubs in Europe.

It highlights the stature and reputation our club has, and the global reach that Adidas are well aware of.

The new kit designs won’t be seen for quite some time, but we can bask in the knowledge that our team of finance and corporate experts have done well, and it’s another step on the road to recovery.