What would be the transfer window that would satisfy the majority?

When was the last time we saw a window close and we all thought, “well, that was some good business!”

We have done some great deals over the years, but with our sliding league position, we have been consumed with a desire to spend cash on players to resurrect our side.

Arsenal are on the rise though. The catalyst hasn’t been via player recruitment though. Mikel Arteta has come in and transformed player belief, tactics and staff to revolutionise what was becoming a stale outfit. Arsenal will be looking to improve further this coming season, but the changes Arteta is making can only take us so far. To truly give us a chance, Arteta needs better players at his disposal. Combined with his methods, we could really make some inroads.

Without the right players, we have a glass ceiling on what we can achieve.

So, again – what would be your dream transfer window?

There are plenty of rumours doing the rounds concerning names and links to Arsenal, but a certain few keep coming back and refuse to go away. That normally signifies that there is a small morsel of truth hiding somewhere. The likes of Lille’s Brazilian defender Gabriel Maghalhaes seems to be coming to fruition although there is still nothing concrete yet. Then there is Thomas Partey, the Ghanaian midfielder who has a release clause of around £50m.

The stories around Partey have been going for a couple of months at least now, and unless we could pay this fee in instalments, this would fly in the face of what we have been told – that money might be a little tight for big spending. However, if we take into account player sales that we have yet to accomplish (there needs to be departures as the squad is bottom heavy with defenders) then we could generate some much needed funds.

If we do acquire Partey, that would be a huge step in addressing a weakness in our squad. In terms of balance, we could play other formations without having to cram a player into a position that doesn’t play to his strengths.

If Arsenal acquired Partey, Maghalaes and then tied down Ceballos for another year – add that to Saliba joining up with the squad, Willian coming in on a free and the possibility of hotshot Aubameyang signing an extension?

Wouldn’t that be every Gunner’s Christmas and Birthday wrapped into one?

Do you agree? Who else do you think we need?