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Arsenal and Europa League : What has changed since Arsenal last begun a European campaign in the Europa League

A lot has changed since Arsenal last begun a European campaign in the Europa League. For starters, the Europa League was actually called the UEFA Cup back then and since then has been rebranded in the 2009-10 season to name it the Europa League. Arsenal last started a European campaign way back in 1996 when Arsene Wenger had taken over at Arsenal. We now look at how the things were in 1996 compared to 2017 to see just really how much have times changed. 1) One of the current first team player for Arsenal was just born, yes Alex Iwobi was born on May 3, 1996, just in time to see Arsenal begin their UEFA Cup challenge (which ended pretty quickly). Iwobi is now a first team regular having already played 59 games and scored 6 goals. We might be seeing him banging in more during this years' Europa League.2) Kylian Mbappe was not even born in 1996, in fact it would be not be until another 2 years that he was born. Today, he is the highest coveted teenager in the world who just simply has to pick the next team he wants to play for. FYI, he was born on December 20, 1998.3) If you had invested in Berkshire Hathaway (yes, we believe in Warren Buffett's investment strategy) in 1996 at $ 31k, you would have become a quarter-millionaire by now, earning a cool 8 times increase in the share price and getting returns at 10.5% compounded annually on your investment, today the share is trading at levels of $ 255k.4) Mark Zuckerberg had not even started high school in 1996, in fact he would only start high school 2 years later in 1998 and Facebook would be founded a further 6 years later in 2004. Today he is worth a cool $63billion and the 5th richest man in the world.5) The President of the United States was Bill Clinton, and yes Monica Lewinsky was still working at the White House. Since then, we have had George Bush Jr and Barack Obama to arrive at the current President Trump.6) The most used operating system in the world was "Windows 95", yes Windows 95, since then we have had Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Man those are a lot of Windows for sure. 7) Apple Inc for the year ended September 1996 had earned a revenue of $9.8 billion, to put that into perspective the revenue made by Apple Inc in the last quarter was $52.8 billion, which extrapolated yearly makes for a 21 times increase in yearly revenue. Also, the world was yet to see any of the cool Apple gizmos like Ipod (launched in 2001) or Iphone (launched in 2007).8) Cristiano Ronaldo had not made a single dime let alone paying taxes. He was playing at Nacional, which was a club he played at before moving to Sporting CP. Lionel Messi at the same time was at Newell's Old Boys and not at La Masia, Barcelona. In a nutshell, both the superstars were still in their respective homelands and pretty sure had not known that between them will make the Ballon D'Or their personal property.9) Barcelona had won the UEFA Champions League only once till 1996, since then they have won it an additional 4 times, taking the total count to 5. Arsene Wenger has surely proved lucky for them.10) The most expense player in the world was an Englishman named Alan Shearer who had 15mn spent on him by Newcastle United (yes, the same club who got relegated last season and just made their way back up to the Premier League again). As for Paul Pogba, he was still in his diapers and only 3 years old and 89.3 million to be spent on him were yet to be collected by Manchester United.11) Of all the Premier League managers at the end of 2016-17 season, only 2 of them out the 19 (excluding Arsene Wenger) had begun their managerial careers. The 2 being Tony Pulis and Sam Allardayce. The rest, well they were either still busy building a playing career for themselves or trying to find their calling after retiring from football.