6 - Number of Arsenal's starting lineup who previously played in the Bundesliga (Leno, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Xhaka, Ozil, Aubameyang)

2 - Goals for Aubameyang today

12 - Goals for Aubameyang this season (Leads the Premier League, tied for 3rd in the top 5 European Leagues with Mbappe, Sala (not Salah), Alcacer, Jovic, and Pepe)

4 - Assists for Lacazette this season (2 have been for Aubameyang)

10 - Goals Lacazette has scored (6) or assisted (4) this season (Premier League only)

40 - Goals scored by Arsenal this season (2nd in the League behind Man City)

8 - Goals scored by Burnley from open play this season (3rd fewest behind Huddersfield (4) and Brighton (6))

7 - Goals scored by Burnley from set pieces this season (4th most, tied with Man U and 1 more than Arsenal) almost all of which were the direct result of a free kick which almost certainly was awarded when one of Sean Dyche's men fell over too easily when he felt contact, which is the only acceptable form of diving left in the Premier League according to Dyche who hates diving but openly embraces "gamesmanship" in his incredible post-match melt down after losing to Arsenal

6 - Number of times Dyche reminded us to "think about the children (or kids)" in that same interview

1 - Number of times he was asked about Ashley Barnes' stamp on Guendouzi

1 - Number of times he said "I didn't see it" because he said he didn't want to get fined for being late to the post-match presser and he spent his time reviewing all of the "clear dives" by the Arsenal players

3 - Dives, clear dives, not gamesmanship which he loves, Dyche said that Arsenal players committed - one by Ozil, one by Xhaka, and one by a center half (it was Lich). Using Dyche's own standards (any contact means that it's gamesmanship and thus not a dive) then all three (Ozil 44th minute, Lich 69th minute, and Xhaka 79th minute) were not dives because there was at least some contact.

1 - Yellow card Matteo Guendouzi got for the only actual dive of the game, when he tried to slide tackle and missed Hendricks entirely

1 - Minute later that Cork went in hard on Guendouzi's ankle with a nasty challenge which wasn't even called a foul

12.3 - Fouls per game that other teams inflict on Arsenal (3rd in the Premier League)

2.4 - Fouls per match inflicted on Torreira (4th in the League)

3 - Fouls today inflicted on Ozil (led all players)

2 - Fouls inflicted on Xhaka and Guendouzi (each) continuing the trend of teams intentionally fouling Arsenal's midfielders

7 - Shots by Burnley

14 - Fouls by Burnley

23 - Tackles attempted by each team

17 - Tackles won by Arsenal

16 - Tackles won by Burnley

10 - Fouls by Arsenal

0 - Players booked for diving

3 - Tackles won by each of Long (of 6), Elneny (of 4), Torreira (of 3), and Lich (of 3) - led all players

11 - Clearances by Sokratis (led all players)

7 - Headed clearances by Sokratis (led all players, Xhaka was 2nd with 2!)

5 - Defensive aerial duels won by Sokratis (of 5, tied with Ben Mee who was also 5/5)

2 - Key passes by Kolasinac (tied with Lacazette to lead all players)

19 - Minute Kolasinac last created a shot for a teammate (directly)

19 - Minute Kolasinac last recorded a successful or attempted dribble

1 - Assists for each of Kolasinac and Lacazette

17 - Completed passes by Ozil in the Burnley final third (of 17, 100% completion rate)

16 - Final third passes by Guendouzi (of 20)

15 - Final third passes by AMN (of 16 attempted)

10 - Final third passes by Kolasinac (of 12) - Sead was 35/38 passing today and he's normally a 77% passes. This was one of his best ever performances in an Arsenal shirt

0 - Assists for Ozil, even though his pass for Iwobi's goal was the only big chance in the game for Arsenal, someone decided that it was a shot which illustrates a really good point about stats - they are subjective. People watch the matches and decide how actions are recorded.


Sources: Whoscored.com, Stats Zone App