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Arsenal 1-0 Huddersfield: Behind the Numbers

7 - Fouls on Lucas Torreira today (led all players)0 - Fouls committed by Torreira today 41 - Fouls on Lucas Torreira this season (he's the 8th most-fouled player in the top five leagues in Europe)18 - Number of fouls Torreira has committed197 - Fouls on Arsenal this season (leads the League, 3rd in "was fouled" with 12.1 per match)190 - Fouls Arsenal have committed (3rd most in the League)50 - Number of times Arsenal have been fouled in the last three matches30 - Fouls committed by Tottenham (17) and Man U (13) combined20 - Fouls committed by Huddersfield13 - Fouls committed by Arsenal today9 - Yellow cards shown today5 - Yellow cards for Arsenal3 - Yellow cards for "diving" on Arsenal1 - Number of times that a Premier League team have gotten 3 yellow cards for diving in a single match (this one)2 - Number of Huddersfield dives which didn't garner yellow cards14 - Shots by Arsenal2.02 - Expected goals for Arsenal5 - Key passes by Matteo Guendouzi (led all players)5 - Key passes by Huddersfield0.51 - Expected assists for Guendouzi1 - Key pass by Aubameyang0.61 - Expected assists for Aubameyang0.78 - Expected goals for Aubameyang (he had a big chance miss of 0.44 xG)1.58 - Expected goals chain for Aubameyang (this is a measure of all the touches he had that ended in a shot, led all players)0.93 - xG Chain for Guendouzi (2nd on Arsenal)0.78 - xG Chain for half-time sub Lacazette0.22 - xG Chain for Iwobi and Mkhitaryan, combined0.31 - Expected goals for Huddersfield today0.7 - Expected goals for Man U if their offside goal had been correctly called (Wed.)0.33 - Non-Penalty xG for Tottenham (last weekend)68 - Passes by Xhaka (of 85, 80%, 17 misplaced passes)48 - Passes completed by Guendouzi (of 51, 94% completed led all players)40 - Passes by Torreira (of 47)5 - Key passes by Guendouzi (led all players)16 - Final third passes by Guendouzi (of 18 led all players)16 - Final third passes by Xhaka (of 21)10 - Ball recoveries by Xhaka (led all players, 7 by Torreira and 6 by Guendouzi)5 - Tackles by Xhaka (of 5)2 - Tackles by Torreria (of 2)0 - Tackles by Guendouzi (of 0)1 - Interceptions by Guendouzi (Xhaka also had 1)6 - Clearances by Xhaka (led all players)6 - Defensive aerial duels won by Xhaka (of 9, led all players)6 - Possession lost by Kolasinac (led Arsenal, Depoitre led all players with 8)4 - Possession lost by Xhaka (2nd on Arsenal, 3 by Torreira, 2 by Guendouzi)QqSources:,