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Alexis Leaving Us Was a Great Decision!

Some players make such an impact at a club, that a departure burns and the scar tissue never quite disappears.Cesc Fabregas was destined to be the jewel in Arsenal’s crown. A regular in the team from his teenage years, the Spaniard’s protracted sale to Barcelona is still met with sneers amongst us Gooners.Robin Van Persie had the backing of the manager and became a world class player at Arsenal. His petulance on the pitch was a sign of growing pains, but amongst the red cards, the constant injuries and the lack of goals, Wenger and Arsenal backed their man.Yet, when it came down to repaying the loyalty shown in him and staying when we needed him, the Dutchman saw a chance for instant glory, and joined our rivals instead.Ashley Cole, Thierry Henry, Petit and Overmars were all players that produced the hurt when they left. Alexis Sanchez though, is getting exactly what he asked for.The Chilean was chopped liver when he joined Arsenal. Despite interest from Liverpool, Alexis had fewer options than he should have had, and he took the chance to climb back up to the very top rung, but with us.He gave us goals, at times he was unplayable. What we all noticed though, was that we had to play through him to get the best out of him. We also had to endure his terrible ball retention, which saw him surrender the ball on average twenty times a game.Quite the hindrance to a possession-based team.Then came the tantrums, the histrionics, because he felt frustrated that we were not giving him what he required.When United came calling, there wasn’t a hesitation, he jumped from what he thought to be a sinking ship, to a beautiful cruise liner, bound for a world tour.Instead, he has been hamstrung by the ways of Jose Mourinho, who doesn’t see star players, he sees a team - sometimes to the detriment of the club.Remember the Portuguese manager demanding Hazard track back?Well, Alexis has seen and felt first hand what his new club wants - and it truly isn’t working out for Alexis so far - 2 goals thus far is a paltry return considering he had 60 in 122 for us.His misery on the pitch is hard to resist, especially when we hark back to how vehemently he demanded a transfer. Alexis has joined a club in the last throes of a Jose era, and the turmoil isn’t exactly the best foundation for a footballer to join and prosper.Still, now that Alexis is gone we may be one class player light, but we aren’t limited by options, aren’t bogged down by constant broken down attacks because one player insists on taking on four players.We are far better off for selling Alexis - how often can a club claim that they have profited from selling their best player?