Arsenal have officially declared their new kit deal with Adidas, to kick in from the start of the 2019/20 season.

Our home, away, third kits and our training gear will all be manufactured by the brand of the three stripes.

The bottom line is - aside from the superior quality - is the amount of money we’ll receive for the deal. It amounts to 65m per season, totalling 300m over the five year deal.

According to some reports, we were close to extending our deal with Puma, but the response of their latest batch of kits was far from positive, and our global fanbase is a lucrative market for Adidas to delve into.

This deal will be a return for Adidas making our kit, the last one being in 1993. It is also a huge rise in what we had previously with Puma, more than doubling the amount we received per season.

How does this stand up next to our rivals? Well, it is on a par with Chelsea’s current deal, but still falls short of the amount Man Utd receive, which is the biggest deal in the Premier League.

This deal is the last action of outgoing Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, and it is a deal in-keeping with our stature. there have been many mock-ups of potential kits since the deal was first rumoured, and it is clear it is a move that the fanbase wanted.

The Puma deal started off brightly, but quickly soured with a dodgy away kit and some questionable choices for our third kit - some even blamed the kits for cursing our wretched form at some stages!

The last straw for some was this season’s home kit, with the design being unpopular, and the third kit being an unconventional mint green.

Adidas is synonymous with Gooners for being the brand behind the cult ‘bruised banana’ kit, made famous by Ian Wright and our brave Gunners side of the mid 90’s. Adidas was also the sponsor when we won our league titles in 1989 and 1991.

The first Adidas kit will be released at the start of next season, and hopefully it will bring silverware just like our last three stripe kits.